5 Tips to Avoid Shoulder Pain from Sitting on a Desk All Day

By Dr. Erik Simms

Sitting for hours in front of a computer at home or in the office can result in musculoskeletal problems, which in turn can affect your well-being, your productivity, and your ability to enjoy life outside of work. Something as simple as shoulder or neck pain can cause so much discomfort that you won’t be able to finish any work at all. To avoid all that, here are some simple solutions to avoid having shoulder pain while you work.

1. Plant Your Feet Firmly in the Ground

Shoulder pain can be caused by the strain of slouching while working on the computer. Many people slump either forward or backward while working on a computer, causing strain on the muscles in the back or front.

You can prevent slouching by planting your feet firmly on the ground. This is important not only for your back but also for your head. Your head should be aligned with your spine and not tilted to one side or the other. If your head is tilted to one side, it may cause neck pain. So instead of tilting your head to one side or the other, it’s better to put your feet firmly on the ground. This will help align your head and your spine, causing less strain on the neck muscles.

2. Learn to Take Breaks 

One effective way to prevent shoulder pain is to take breaks from your computer. If you’re working on your computer for long periods of time, it’s crucial that you take breaks from the computer every few minutes. 

What’s the best way to take breaks from your computer? It’s best to alternate between sitting and standing while working. When you’re standing up, you can walk around and stretch your muscles, including your shoulder muscles.

3. sit in a good chair

Sitting in a good chair is another important key to preventing shoulder pain. Good chairs provide proper support for your lower back and for your pelvis. A good chair will keep your spine in the right alignment. This will prevent slouching and the strain that it puts on your upper body.

Keep in mind that while you’re working, you don’t want to slouch. You want to maintain a good posture. Your back should be straight, your pelvis should be positioned correctly, and your shoulders should be relaxed.

4. Do Some Stretching Exercises While Taking Breaks

One of the best ways to prevent shoulder pain while you work on the computer is to do some stretches while taking breaks. There are many stretching exercises that can be done while sitting on a chair. A simple one you can do is to push your shoulder blades up and together.

This is called a shoulder blade stretch because you’ll be using your shoulder blades to reach up and push your shoulder blades together. Other exercises that you can do while taking breaks from the computer include shoulder rolls, shoulder circles, and standing shoulder taps.

5. Consider Trying a Standing Desk

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent shoulder pain while you work is to get a standing desk. The best standing desks are high enough to give you more mobility while you work while also being good for your back and your spine.

A standing desk that is adjustable can be excellent for providing an ergonomic position for a person who is sitting at the computer for long periods of time. The standing desk can also be adjusted to bring the user’s back in a good position so as to prevent slouching and strain on the back and the muscles in the front of the neck.


With these simple tips and exercises, you should be able to enjoy working at the computer without suffering from shoulder pain. If you still have a problem with your shoulders, it’s time to get in touch with a chiropractor who can provide you with some relief.

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