Chiropractic Treatment as a Viable Solution for Your Sciatica

By Dr. Erik Simms

There are many body pains that chiropractic treatment may tend to, and while it may not mitigate all of the discomforts 100% of the time, it is still able to at least give the patient a sensation of relief unlike any other.

That being said, some of you reading this might be wondering whether or not it is also a viable solution for sciatica or the pain that radiates along the path of your sciatic nerve.

If you are curious to know about the definite answer, look no further than our pointers below.

First of All, What Are the Usual Medical Treatments for Sciatica?

Before we get into why chiropractic treatment is the better option, we can start by taking a look at the conventional treatments that doctors will usually recommend.

One of these treatments is the use of pain medication. While these drugs can numb the pain and reduce its severity, they do so by putting a significant amount of pressure on your body.

This, in turn, may cause additional health problems that make the previous pain even worse.

Another form of treatment that physicians will often recommend is the use of traction to stretch out the affected area. While the primary goal of this technique is to generally help with muscle spasms, it can also be applied to the overall tension that encompasses the sciatic nerve.

The only problem found within this method is that it is far riskier than many of the other treatments, as it may have the capacity to push the sciatic nerve towards more damage.

What Are the Ways in Which Chiropractic Care May Help with Sciatica?

While plenty of physicians would recommend the use of medications, traction, and other treatments for sciatica, we want to take the time to go over some of the reasons that chiropractic treatment may be a viable option.

One of the biggest reasons is that it is less invasive than the other treatments.

To be clear, this does not mean that chiropractic treatment is totally risk-free, but rather that the treatment is a gentler method that will not have the same negative impacts that may occur when using traction methods.

Another reason that chiropractic treatment is a viable option is that it is such a versatile form of treatment.

Whether you’re suffering from sciatic pain in your legs, lower back, coccyx, or any other area of your body, chiropractic treatment may be able to address your pain adequately.

The only caveat to this is that you must ensure that your chiropractor is well-versed in treating sciatica with the use of adjustments, pilates, and other related methods.

It also doesn’t hurt that patients can improve the effectiveness of their chiropractic treatments by using some simple lifestyle methods. For example, by choosing to eat healthier and sticking to an exercise schedule, you can ensure that your body will receive all of the nutrients and care needed to respond to the treatments better.


As you can see, there is a reason that chiropractic treatment may be a viable solution for sciatica, especially if you are wary of using medications and other treatments that may cause additional damage.

Although there are times when the results may vary per person, we believe that you can use the information above to help you make the best possible decision for your circumstances.

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