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Are You Over 40 and Feel Like You Are Aging Too Fast?

Having Trouble Playing With Your Kids?


Maybe you’re in pain? Or maybe it’s something simple like you aren’t able to sit on the floor with your kids because it hurts your back or legs?

Aren’t Able to Enjoy Your Hobbies as Much?

child drinking water

Maybe you aren’t able to participate in hobbies like golf, running, or other activities like you used to?

You Are Missing Too Much Work?

construction worker

Maybe you find yourself having a lot of sick days and missing work and, therefore, affecting your income?

Aren’t as Intimate With Your Spouse?


Maybe you’re not as intimate with your spouse or partner like you used to be when you were younger? The spark or romance is “gone” and you find yourself playing “the motions.”

Just Don’t Have the Same Energy?


Maybe you used to have a lot of energy when you were in your 20s or 30s, but when you hit 40+, your energy has just gone away?

Feeling Joint Pain All the Time?

shoulder pain

Maybe when you turned 40 (or older), all the joint pain just came out of nowhere? And now it’s affecting your life in a lot of ways.

Guess What? You Are Not Alone.

Regardless of what the “gurus” out there tell you…

>> You do not have to live like that.

>> You do not have to pop pills every single day.

>> You do not have to live in pain.

There is a way to “reverse” aging!

Access the Reverse-Aging Game Plan

Root and Bloom

Hi, I’m Dr. Erik!

I definitely know that part of life that you are experiencing, and what you’re feeling is totally valid.

I am a state champion collegiate athlete turned chiropractor and health coach. 

My story definitely involves going through the “aging” pains and struggles and I overcame them. 

That’s why I created the “Reverse-Aging Game Plan”.

Access the Reverse-Aging Game Plan

Imaging If You Were Able to 
Feel Like You Were in Your 20s or 30s.

Enjoying Time With Your Kids


You now can play with your kids with no pain.

Enjoying Your Hobbies

child drinking water

You are now enjoying your hobbies again and more frequent.

More Focused at Work

construction worker

You find yourself back at work and are more focused.

More Intimate With Your Spouse


The romance and intimacy with your spouse is back as if you were first dating.

You Have More Energy


You have the same energy as when you were younger…maybe even more energy.

No More Joint Pain

shoulder pain

Your joint pain is no longer an issue and you can enjoy physical activities again.

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