How Chiropractic Improves Muscle Relaxation

By Dr. Erik Simms

“Ah, you’re very tense.”

Sound familiar?
A lot of us carry a lot of our tension in our shoulders and our neck from lugging our heads around all day.

Or, if you’ve been sitting all day, you carry a lot of tension in your low back, and that causes our muscles to work constantly.

And then they get super stressed, and when they’re stressed, it’s like white knuckles digging, only on the inside.

After a while that constant stress, tension puts pressure on the nerves, and then we start to feel sore, stiff, and then eventually we feel pain, but chiropractic adjustments address this in reverse order.

By adjusting the cause of your tension, we’re able to help muscles relax, which lets you respond to stress and feel better day to day.

I think we’d all like to feel a little bit better.

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