• Wonderful experience. Everyone here is very welcoming and its clear they truly love what they do and care about the wellbeing of every one of their clients. I highly recommend this clinic. Jonathan has mastered his craft i have been to many different chiropractors but he is the by far the best i have been. I used to suffer from headaches and a cronic shoulder pain and both are gone now :D

    Janelle Weisbeck
  • Passionate and remarkable chiropractor. I would fully recommend Jonathan to all wanting to get the upmost out of their health and potential.

    Max Gregor
  • F I R S T C L A S S! Dr. Jonathan Verderame, is not only one of the best chiropractor's I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he is also one of the best human being's. From the moment he meets you, he treats you like you are a part of his family. In short, he really care's about your health and your life. When I think of Vital Kiropraktikk, I think of one word; EXTRAordinary. You won't get anything but the best here. It's my guarantee.

    David Ridos
  • Outstanding chiropractor and amazing person. I was fortunate enough to be under his care and was thoroughly impressed.

    Zak Alfstad
  • I can safely recommend Vital Chiropractic and Dr. Verderame on. I've gone to Jonathan for years. First used myself of his offer to get rid of pain in a sore shoulder. The pain is long gone, but I still go to Jonathan. Regular treatments / adjustments enables me to provide the desired level every single day. This applies in work but also in their spare time where I am active both as a footballer, going on roller skis / skiing and strength training almost every day.

    Mads Nyhus
  • Absolutely AMAZING!!! is mighty impressed with the skill, the service and their positiviteten. Is like a new human after kún a treatment! Can be recommended on the strongest!!

    Yvonne Johnson

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