The Body Heals Itself

By Dr. Erik Simms

Okay. I’ve Got Some Serious Questions For You, And If You Can Answer All Correctly Then You May Have The Secret To Life

Have you ever broken a bone?

Have you ever had a cut or a bruise?

Well, I doubt anyone that’s watching this hasn’t but let me ask you another question.

Well, what happened next?

That’s right.

You got better.

The body is designed to get better.

We’re made to do this without prescriptions that have dangerous side effects without even trying.

So another question is, what’s stopping us from feeling our best right now?

Well, let me tell you. I’m Doctor Erik with Triple Crown Chiropractic, and I’ve been helping people maximize their health for over 15 years now.

There’s one simple thing that I’ve dedicated my life to and helped thousands of others to understand.

It’s the one secret.

And that secret is that the brain and the body have to communicate 24/7 at 100%.

Most people are at 70%.

But I want you to take a second and kind of imagine, what would it be like if you had an extra 30% income?

What would 30% more time with your family be like?

What if you had 30% more fun in your life?

I mean, I think we can agree that if we had 30% more of those three things, it would be worth it.

It’s our goal at Triple Crown Chiropractic to get people to living close to their 100% as possible.

We do it all by getting the body to truly communicate through our chiropractic adjustments.

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