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Better Body Care is Our Mission

It only takes a couple of visits with Dr. Simms to feel your best.

He and his staff lay the foundation needed for you to achieve total health. Upon your first visit to our office, you may find past health struggles getting easier.As you begin to feel better, we strongly recommend scheduling several chiropractic care adjustments to avoid problems in the future.

These appointments don’t have to be constant, but we will come up with a treatment plan to maximize your health. In our experience as chiropractors, we know that great things never come from your comfort zone.

We Help Sciatica

At Triple Crown Chiropractic treating Sciatica is one of our specialties. Sciatica can often be corrected by adjusting the joints where the sciatic nerve starts and performing myofascial release, stretches and exercises. By following this protocol we have a 90 percent success rate in reducing and preventing future episodes.

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We Help Headaches

There a host of different reasons why people have headaches with stress and alignment of your spine both being major causes. Often, when we have a misalignment in our neck or at the base of our skull inflammation will build and pinch a nerve in your neck. This can lead to headaches which can often be corrected by seeking chiropractic care.

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We Help Neck Pain

Neck pain is said to affect one in three people each year, with women being more affected than men. The bad news is if left untreated can lead to arthritis and degenerative disc disease. The good news is it is often treatable.

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Root and Bloom

Meet Dr. Erik!

At Triple Crown Chiropractic we strive to be the best solution for low back and shoulder pain in the TRI-State area.

We use an individually customized soft tissue and spinal treatments leading to desired results of optimal health.

By using our innovative and multifaceted approach we are able to heal your problems naturally.

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“Dr. Erik is an excellent chiropractor and he is extremely knowledgeable on how the muscles, joints and nerves all work together. He has definitely been a force when his adjustments keeping me running. Dr. Erik also competes and practices what he preaches when it comes to taking care of yourself with exercise and nutrition. Thank you Dr. Erik.”

Elisabeth, actual patient

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