Chiropractic Treatments to Help With Your Neck Pain

By Dr. Erik Simms

Did you know that a visit to a chiropractor can lead to neck pain relief? Millions of people suffer from minor pains, aches, and pains due to stress. Stress from work, family, or health issues can take a heavy toll on our bodies. We may tend to ignore the feeling, thinking it will go away.

Visiting a chiropractor for neck pain relief is a wonderful alternative to using over-the-counter medicated substances or even surgical procedures. Chiropractic treatment includes things such as non-intrusive small adjustments that can be done without the use of tools and providing you with exercises (that your chiropractor will advise you on) that can be done at home to help treat muscle spasms in your neck and back.

Here are the different chiropractic treatments for neck pain relief:

Cervical Spine Manipulation

Cervical spine manipulation, also known as “cervical adjustment,” is a chiropractic method of treating neck pain. The basic principle involves using a doctor’s hands to apply a controlled force in an attempt to restore the neck to its proper position. This is performed while the patient is lying face down on a padded table.

Cervical spine manipulation therapy is generally considered to be a safe therapy.

Cervical Spinal Mobilization

Cervical spinal mobilization is very similar to cervical spine manipulation in that both involve the use of hands to manipulate and move the bones in the neck. But there are some subtle differences: cervical spinal mobilization is performed while the patient is in a sitting position, while manipulation is performed while in a prone position.

Cervical spinal mobilization is less invasive than manipulation, and treatment time is longer. Basically, spinal mobilization and manipulation are used to treat the same conditions but are used and recommended differently depending on the condition and the patient’s needs.

Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is a non-invasive procedure in which a cervical traction unit gently stretches the neck to relax it and alleviate pain.

A cervical traction unit is a frame that is fitted to the head and extends downward to the upper back. The frame applies a controlled force to the neck to attempt to realign it and relieve pain and discomfort.

Cervical traction is commonly used to treat neck pain, neck stiffness, and other symptoms of neck injury, such as whiplash.

Manual Traction

Manual traction involves using the hands to apply a force to bring the spine back into alignment and relieve neck pain.

Manual traction is typically used for longer periods, and typically does not require equipment (like a traction unit or a chiropractic table).

Mechanical Traction

Mechanical traction is a non-invasive (and in most cases, non-surgical) procedure that involves using a device to apply a controlled force to the spine to realign it and eliminate pain.

Mechanical traction is typically used in cases of lower back pain, in conjunction with chiropractic treatments and exercises.

Say Goodbye to that Neck Pain

So, as you can see, there are many different chiropractic treatments for neck pain relief. With chiropractic treatment, you should be able to achieve a long-term solution without being exposed to invasive and potentially harmful procedures.

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