Improves Circulation And Increases Blood Flow

By Dr. Erik Simms

Did you know our bodies are just like balloons?

Yes, and just like a balloon, if I were to twist or if I were to apply pressure, then things will move around, and it could pop.

That’s like the blood in your body.

Your body has to have proper blood flow to get the healthy benefits of food, sleep, and the exercise you’re getting.

With chiropractic correcting your body’s posture or relaxing your muscles and reducing that stress, allows your blood to get everywhere that it needs to be right on time.

This lets your body focus on the little things and respond the way it needs to for everyday life so you can focus on being a happier, healthier you and enjoy more time with your family.

I’m Doctor Erik Simms with Triple Crown Chiropractic, inviting you to learn more about chiropractic and how it’s the most natural path to health and wellness.

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