The Sedentary Lifestyle and Its Negative Effects on the Body

By Dr. Erik Simms

You’ve probably heard people say you always need to keep your body moving or slow down like a turtle. There is some truth to that, given that our bodies were not designed to simply sit around all day and watch TV. After all, a sedentary lifestyle can have significant effects on your body.

Although keeping your body at rest is beneficial, such as watching TV, sitting for long periods creates other problems. The negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle include:

Worsening of Your Body Pain

Whether it’s back pain or neck pain, sitting for long periods can worsen the body’s discomfort. In fact, according to several studies, sitting for long periods is associated with slower muscle contractions, reduced blood flow, and increased muscle tension. As a result, your back and neck pain worsens.

Furthermore, not having an active lifestyle can reduce the quality of life. This is because sitting or lying all the time is associated with metabolic syndrome, the name given to various health problems, including high blood pressure, a tendency toward excess weight, and an increased risk of diabetes.

Gaining Weight Easily

There are numerous factors behind weight gain, such as a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. One of the contributing elements is the lack of physical activity. In addition, sitting for long periods is associated with a greater risk of gaining weight.

This is because the fundamental reason for the weight gain is a lack of muscle activity. Since muscles contract when the body moves, sitting for long periods prevents the muscles from moving. This can lead to a loss of muscle mass, which leads to weight gain.

In addition, sitting is associated with an increased risk of abdominal weight gain. This is because abdominal fat stays around the waist, making your body look more prominent.

Experiencing Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness is a condition wherein an individual loses the ability to move their muscles normally. As a result, muscle injuries can occur quickly, increasing the chances of injuries.

One of the reasons for muscle weakness is that muscles are not used to moving. The body is designed so that the muscles move after use. The same happens with the body’s joints. That’s why if the body is not encouraged to move after sitting for long periods, it can lead to muscle weakness.

Being at Risk of Chronic Diseases

Chronic ailments pertain to illnesses that are non-terminal but are serious and lasting. Such conditions may affect the quality of life and may even shorten it. They include everything from high blood pressure to diabetes and depression.

One of the reasons why these conditions affect those who sit for long periods is that the muscles contract painfully. Also, your blood flow slows down, which is unsuitable for the muscles. The blood carries oxygen and blood sugar to the muscles, which is necessary for healing. But the muscles don’t get enough to recover when it slows down.

The Bottomline

A sedentary lifestyle can heavily affect the quality of your life. Start improving your overall wellness by having a mini workout session or visiting a chiropractic clinic regularly.

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