Chiropractic Therapy: Things to Know about Range of Motion

By Dr. Erik Simms

We often associate chiropractic therapy with back pain and spinal injury. However, have you ever thought that a chiropractor could enhance your range of motion? It has been scientifically proven that chiropractic therapy can significantly improve the quality of your life, especially in this aspect.

With so many dubious medical claims, it is natural to question this assertion. If so, you should carefully study this blog. 

What Is Range of Motion?

It is the degree of movement allowed. It can be from extreme flexion to extension or from left to right and can also apply to the rotation of your limbs and shoulders.  

The chiropractor can improve your range of motion by alleviating the tension and pressure impeding your movement. In short, this means that your range of motion is being enhanced. 

Some people might feel restricted in their range of motion, even if they can move their limbs freely. They are not used to specific postures and movements, which might not be comfortable. Chiropractic therapy can help you get used to these movements.

Why Is Range of Motion Important?

The range of motion of your limbs will affect your everyday life. Without a good range of motion, you might not be able to do routine household chores or even sit down at your desk. Other than that, you will find it difficult to perform some tasks, such as lifting heavy bags of groceries or doing ten different stretches for your warm-up before exercise.  

Some people are more prone to range-of-motion problems. Their professions, such as construction workers and computer programmers who sit down all day, might be more inclined to stiffness and aches. Keep in mind that our bodies are designed to move.      

Your range of motion will make you more flexible, alert, and capable of doing daily tasks efficiently. With the proper range of motion, you will no longer have to strain or overexert yourself. 

If you improve your range of motion, you will start to use your muscles efficiently. You will have a sense of well-being as you become more flexible and capable of handling tasks. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

As mentioned earlier, a chiropractor can help you improve your range of motion. Just like a physical therapist, the chiropractor focuses on the range of motion of your limbs. But the big difference lies in the way they work.

In a physical therapy session, your movement is limited. Your physical therapist might use splints, braces, or crutches to limit your activities. On the other hand, the chiropractor recommends a series of stretching exercises and will then adjust your body accordingly. 

The chiropractor manipulates your joints and muscles to achieve the best range of motion possible. She will not restrict your range of motion but guide your movements to achieve a comfortable and healthy range. The best part about this process is that it is natural. No drugs or surgery are involved. It is safe, as you can stop the treatment anytime you choose.


The chiropractor is not just for back pain or spinal injury. She can help with your range of motion, which will improve the quality of your life. It will allow you to do everyday activities more efficiently, so you can enjoy a better life. It is definitely worth a visit.

If you find your range of motion is limited, you should visit Triple Crown Chiropractic. As a chiropractic clinic, we can enhance your range of motion and, in the process, improve your way of life. Book an appointment now so that you can start enjoying your life!

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