Triple Crown Chiropractic Office Tour

By Dr. Erik Simms

Have You Ever Wondered What All We Have At Our Office?

In our reception room, we greet you and let you know what’s going on.

The next thing we got is we have the bay where all the magic happens.

So we have our roller tables here, and basically, we also have our electric stim.

We also have an x-ray room and an adjusting bay.

And this is where a lot of the magic happens.

What goes on here is we’ll do a lot of adjusting work here.

A lot of muscle work.

We also have our ArthroStim and our VibraCussor, two other things that help us to adjust you that allow us to get the most change and allow us to do a little bit of muscle work as well.

One of my favorite places is the massage room, which is quite tranquil.

But we come back this way and as we walk down this hall, we’re going to go to two other rooms that are pretty important.

The first room is this room right here, which is our laser room.

Our laser machine allows us to use light therapy that penetrates a lot deeper than most lasers.

We also have a kids’ room with Netflix and toys so you can be calm when receiving your adjustments.

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